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Life story
December 19, 2015
It was a very sad day in my life the day we had to say Goodbye to my beautiful Tibby which broke my heart in two.

And from that day on my heart has always been broken from having to say Goodbye to my beautiful Kitty Tibby.

Losing my Tibby was like losing a very Special Friend to me,

I wish I would have had my Tibby from being a Kitten but very sad to say we did not, Tibby came to me as a stray kitty.

My Tibby was found in our garden shed by my husband John, But Tibby ran off from John he must have been afraid with not knowing him.

A few days after finding Tibby in our Shed, I had my kitchen door open and Tibby walked in like he already lived with me bless him,

But I thought I must let him out again because his owners would be wondering where he was,  Not knowing then that Tibby had know where to go.

The next day there was my Tibby again in our shed, so I let him come in it was a very hot day indeed that Summer, so I gave Tibby some milk to drink bless him he was very dry indeed and drank every little drop up.




My Days and months came and went with my beautiful Tibby, and I loved and will always remember for the rest of my life God Bless Him.

We only had my Tibby for 4 years when Tibby started getting very poorly, at first he started coughing quite a lot, so we took Tibby to his Vets, Mr Hunt the Vet thought it was furballs with Tibby with his cough and thought  know more about it.

But over the days after being at Mr Hunt's Tibby's cough got worse, He was even finding so hard to breathe which was worring me and upsetting me more.

I could'nt get to sleep that night worring and crying over my Tibby, and thinking what can I do for him this beautiful kitty of mine who means the world to me.

So early the next morning we phoned Mr Hunt, and he told us to bring Tibby down.

So my husband John took Tibby, and I said to Tibby see you when you come back from Mr Hunt's.

So while Tibby was there Mr Hunt took an X-Ray on My Tibby and found a very large tumor right next to his heart, which he said there was nothing more that he could do for my Tibby.

So later that Morning I got a phone call from Mr Hunt telling me about Tibby having a large tumor which broke my heart, I just sat in the chair and cryed I felt like my heart had been ripped out from me,

Then Mr Hunt said I think its time to let Tibby go, It was all left up to me with Tibby being my Kitty.

This was the hardest thing I ever at to do in my life, so I had to let Tibby go which I did not want to do at all.

But the word that stays in my head and always will was the word GoodBye which I never got to say to My Tibby to his little face, which really hurts me so bad.


I often wonder to myself if Mr Hunt,  found the tumor much sooner than he did,  could Tibby have had a longer life,  Things like that keep going around inside my head,  what if this what if that.

And thinking things like that really do get to me and get me so upset indeed.

I know for one thing that My Tibby would have known, that we did all we could bless him that day on the 15th of December 2006.



I know in my heart that My Tibby loved and enjoyed his time with me and my family, and that he must have felt so happy that day he came to live with us.

I always looked forward to waking-up to My Tibby every morning my beautiful little friend who meant so much to me and always will.

Some mornings my husband John at to let My Tibby out before I woke-up, thats if the sun was out, he loved being in the Sunshine, he would stay out in the sun for hours sometimes walking around bless him.

Then he would come home and I would give him his food he was so ready for it with all that walking he did.

Tibby then went to sleep for a few hours he was so tried with all that walking and with the hot sun shining down on him.

After a few hours My Tibby woke-up and wanted to go out again for a walk.

Then after a few hours I shouted Tibby to come in it started getting dark, I always had Tibby in before it got dark, it always made me feel happy having him in with us, did not like him out in the dark.

So to all my friends and visitors you now know my precious Tibby's life Story, Thank You so much for reading bless you all  From Tibby's human Mum.