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Another beautiful memory of My Tibby was most time when he went on his walks he would have this white & black kitty that would walk behind Tibby, it looked so sweet but I think Tibby liked it best when it was just him that went on his walk about, and I think the kitty wanted to play with Tibby, I see that kitty everynow and then, and it always reminds me of when he would walk behind our Tibby, so very sweet indeed I thought.
I can remember this one night I was wondering where my Tibby was because it was getting very dark outside, and I always had Tibby in before it went dark, but that night I thought Tibby was indoors but he was not, So I went out in the back and front garden shouting his name, I was getting so worried at this point, my husband John went looking around inside the house, after awhile John found Tibby on top of our Louise's wardrobe, I was so happy that John had found Tibby.

Here is another beautiful memory I have of my Tibby.

He so loved to smell my hair when I had washed it bless him.

I think Tibby must have loved the shampoo that I used at the time, I get that shampoo now from time to time, and when I do it reminds me so much of when My Tibby use to smell my hair God Bless Him Always.

I miss and love my Tibby more and more each day.

Love you for ever my Tibby Mum.



This is a beautiful memory to me, when I would wind up his toy mouse and My Tibby would just sit and watch it going round and round on the floor, Tibby never jumped on the mouse I think Tibby know it was not a real mouse.

That was such a happy memory to me, and it made me smile watching Tibby watching it going round and round, I wish I had the time again,

Here is the picture of Tibby's toy mouse, my daughter Louise bought it for him

Love you always my Tibby,


This is another beautiful memory of My Tibby.

On beautiful Summer Days Tibby would go for a little walk, then come back after his little walk and sit beside me in the back garden for a few hours Tibby loved being in the sun.

I loved being in the garden on those beautiful Summer Days with My Tibby, If only I could have that beautiful time back again, Love & miss you always Tibby, MUM

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